Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ben Bazaar dual SIM phone

Ben Bazaar company announced its mobile phone. This device features big touch screen and Dual SIM card mode support. Ben Bazaar mobile device has classic shape factor and reminds of HTC Touch Diamond communicator. It supports four-band GSM and has 2.7 inch touch screen with 240x320 px resolution, TV tuner, Fm radio, Bluetooth 2.0 module, microSD memory card slot and 1800 mAh battery which provides 2.5 hours of talk mode or 48 hours of idle mode. The price of this device is $145.


  1. thank you for the mention of our phone. we just released over 20 new lines. please see our site for more details.

    our press releases my be found here:

  2. check out the press release detailing our latest unlocked quad band gsm phones. DUAL SIM!!!
    available at www.bensbazaar.com