Thursday, February 10, 2011 adds new Multiple Phone Alert feature, an Internet service that converts email text into a phone voice message, announces several new features, including the ability for users to make both simultaneous and sequential calls to multiple phones.

Used by businesses, sports team coaches, police, fire fighters and other professionals, the multiple phone alerts feature is the first of its kind that enables fast and efficient broadcasting of email text converted to an automated voice message. can be used in a wide variety of situations where the conversion from email text to phone speeds message delivery. The multiple call feature provides the kind of broadcasting power that exponentially increases the efficiency of text to phone messaging.

The Multiple Call feature enables fast and efficient broadcast message from an email to phones in a variety of specialized situations. Some examples include, a coach sending one email to contact all sixteen members of his team with a phone voice alert when a practice needs to be rescheduled. Similarly, a school principal contacting his twenty-two person staff to inform them to stay home when a snowstorm hits and a person of blindness communicating with fellow employees at a business.’s customer base includes a variety of people with on-the-go communication needs, including: athletic team coaches, real estate agents, frequent travelers, persons of blindness and sight impaired, and businesses and schools with unique phone alert requirements.

As part of the new feature release, also put in place an updated phone key response system, a new access to online messages and changes to the configuration format. For additional information regarding and the Multiple Call Feature, contact Ron Schroeder at or phone (888) 364-5101. A 30-Day Free Trial is immediately available. - is a service that converts ordinary text email into phone voice messages that can be delivered to your phone or retrieved by dialing into Like ordinary email message, the's phone alert is highly interactive with available responses: reply-to, save, delete and skip messages.

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